Why Pitch Please?


I came across the phrase when I was the director of membership for PR Central, a nonprofit student-run organization located on Central Michigan University’s campus.

In my role as the director of membership, I was responsible for recruiting students, raising funds, managing client group communications while overseeing a group of interns as they navigated through their first-year as public relations majors.

One of my interns at the time, surprised me during a normal meeting one day with a gift. Natalie Smith gifted me with a beautiful black-leather journal with a golden PR Girl #PitchPlease engraved on the front.

I am pretty sure I went into shock when Natalie gave me the journal. Completely in awe, I was surprised someone would go out-of-their-way to give me such an amazing gift.

Naturally, I was curious why I was given this. Was it a trap? A Punk’d moment? Maybe a bribe?

The reason was none of the above. When I asked her why she had given me the journal, she said: “You took the time out of your life to help me with mine – it’s a token of my appreciation.”

Natalie – I will forever cherish this moment. I can’t wait to see you succeed in life!