What’s the pitch?

Take a second to look over each line and the different variations “pitch please” can be written:

Pitttch, please.”

“Pitch please.”


*pitch please*


“Pitch please!?!”

“Pitch please…”

*pitch* “Please?”

When you were reading pitch please in your head, what kind of voice did it have? A sassy one? An angry voice? A loud tone? Someone poking fun? Pure excitement? Maybe a sarcastic voice? 

Let’s say I asked a room full of people to say each line out loud all at the same time. I would most likely hear multiple view points of how the phrase is perceived.

When I look at the first one, I picture it sounding like someone losing a bit of their patience.

To better explain, I’m going to switch the example with dogs. Now take a second to picture a dog — what kind of breed comes to mind? The first breed that came to mind was a French Bulldog with grey and white spots.

Some people have never heard of a dog or even seen one. A person who has never owned a dog before might name a dog breed  of their friend owns just because they are familiar with them. Each time they interact with other breeds (whether positive or negative) will influence the way they perceive dogs in general.

Pitch please could be slang for “oh no they didn’t,” a statement of approval, a compliment, an offensive remark, a rhetorical question, sense of sarcasm, a request, a greeting, a throw, a noun or whatever else your imagination could think of.

I define my pitch as my: message, opinion, idea, strategy, story, angle, game-plan or selling point that I am pitching to someone.

Some may think of communications as a giant puzzle when trying to connect with someone who is different.

Life is a big puzzle if you think about it. We each have a piece of the puzzle that plays a part of the whole picture. The fun part is figuring out where the puzzle piece will fit in with the rest.

Welcome to my online portfolio of pitches.